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Fanfiction: Puzzleshipping, Tendershipping

Title: Second Chances (chapter 2)
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 2143
Pairing: Puzzleshipping, Tendershipping
Summary: Atem and Yami Bakura are back from the dead. Unfortunately, their pants are not.
Authors Notes: Chapter 2, here already! Hopefully I'm on a roll! Thank you to everyone that gave me feedback on chapter one! You're my motivation to keep writing!

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Fanfiction: Puzzleshipping, Tendershipping

Title: Second Chances (chapter 1)
Rating: PG-13 (eventually)
Word Count: 1914
Pairing: Puzzleshipping, Tendershipping
Summary: Atem and Yami Bakura are dead. But it's not going to stay that way for long
Authors Notes: Yeah, I'm writing Yugioh fic. I have no real excuse for myself. Feeling nostalgic, I guess. This is a radical rewrite of a fic I wrote in a notebook back in high school! I'm glad my taste has improved so much over time!
Thank you SO much to my wonderful beta readers!
And as always, I love to talk to people. If anyone reads this and feels like getting in touch with me? Go for it! I like meeting people!

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BRB bashing my brains in kthx

...So last night's dream was so strange (and Tenipuri related) that I have to post about it. D: And be all "wtf, where did this come from"? Because seriously, wtf?

It wasn't even cracky- this dream was entirely serious.

Basically it was pretty much a Lifetime made for TV movie (wtf?), of the variety my teachers used to show in health class back in highschool. This one seemed to deal with why unprotected sex is bad. And AIDS.

The plot of the dream revolved around Koharu sleeping around (who would have him?) and getting HIV, and then giving it to Yuuji. Who proceeded to get full blown AIDS as Koharu emoed AND WTF WHERE DID THIS DREAM COME FROM!?

All I did yesterday was read Silver Pair fic and RP me some KenZai with Jaime. And then go to bed early because of what a lousy day it was.
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Have a post

Why Duckie rules:

(8:52:40 PM) Duckie Nya: Dear internets:
(8:53:12 PM) Duckie Nya: The word you want is 'co-op' as in 'cooperative'. 'coop' is a word that does not mean 'cooperative' it means 'chicken house'.

That Duckie. Always good for a laugh.

Also, doing my part-


Existence is made up of many different realities, and each of these is unaware of its hidden counterparts. Every reality contains its own worlds, its own stories; some realities even contain parallel universes within themselves. But each reality is separate, and never before has any reality interacted with another.

Beyond Existence itself there is something else. Something more. Something terrible.

Now, all of Existence has been devastated by an unknown and unimaginable force, ripped to shreds and left floating in the void.

But hope remains.

Something else is out there, and it's trying to fix things. This force is finding whatever survivors it can, and tucking them away in a new reality, to keep them safe, while it works to fix the damage.

If the damage can be fixed.

Check it out

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Yuushi's talking testicles

"Yuushi got started early. I mean, with that voice his testicles had to have dropped at like, four." I shit you not, when I read that, I read it as his testicles having a voice. And I got very, very frightened for a minute. - Friend on AIM
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RPG Pimping

Because lately yaoi manga has eaten my soul. :|


ysupport_rp is a multi-fandom RPG featuring exclusively boys love fandoms, in the form of a "homosexual support group" for various characters to join. It is rather laid back, and intended above all to give people a chance to play around with characters from less popular fandoms that they would otherwise lack any real chance to play.

About - Holds/App - Taken - OOC Comm - Friends Add - Contact


My Girlfriend and Roommate are INSANE

Wouldn't it be a riot to be able to add random clauses on to the end of apps you accept for a RPG?

"Sure you can play Shishido.... but you're afraid of hotdogs!"
"Sure you can play Atobe... but you have to spend at least $1000000 a day. On produce."
"Sure you can play Kirihara... but you're afraid of the color purple!"
"Sure you can play Mizuki... however, you're straight."

It would make the game so much more... interesting.


Jaime: Sure you can play Sengoku... but he likes to dress in women's clothing.
Duckie: I could see that, actually.
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According to Jaime- Aiba is some kind of alien that latches onto the minds of hetrosexual girls and is out to take over the world. GO HOME AIBA!

Said in response to a comment by Duckie about how EVERY COMM SHE WATCHES ON LJ HAS AN AIBA ICON IN IT!